Service in Sir Lowry's Pass

Victoria Zloty, a sophomore at Lonestar College, has some great advice for the picky eaters. Check out her blog!

My tip for picky eaters is do not ask what it is, just eat it!

Try something you have never eaten before; you will be so surprised! If you stick to what you know, you will often be disappointed because in comparison to food in the States, nothing will taste the same as you are expecting! Try something you have never had before and develop a new taste for the cultural foods here in Cape Town! The South African food is unbelievable, but their replica of American food is not impressive. I am the pickiest eater I know, and at the 2nd group dinner, I got a second serving of the “pork chops” because it was so good (IT WAS LAMB!).

If I knew that beforehand, I wouldn’t have even tried it, but I ended up enjoying it enough to get seconds. Getting out of your comfort zone can include eating new foods that you never even thought you would try!

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