Beautiful beach in Greece

Caroline Rattikin from Texas Christian University gives some compelling reasons to study abroad. We could not agree more!

Studying abroad offers the chance to discover a new realm of cultural experiences, people, places and opportunities that some can only dream of. Here are five reasons why everyone should study abroad:

1. To broaden your perspective
Living abroad for even a short period of time is the perfect way to experience and truly understand a different culture. By richly immersing yourself in their customs, politics, traditions and history, you can develop a new, more informed perception of the world.

2. To step out of your comfort zone
Traveling abroad allows you to trade in your normal habits and routines for a new and exciting adventure. This is your chance to be independent and experience something new!

3. To meet new people from new places
Studying abroad allows you to meet so many different people and develop friendships that will last you a lifetime. You’ll be surprised to find out how much you have in common with your new friends from all over the country (or maybe even the world).

4. It’s the perfect time to be adventurous
You are young! This is the time in your life when you aren’t yet completely tied down by responsibilities such as a job or a family – so get out there and discover the world!

5. To find yourself
Being abroad allows you to discover who you really are. You are with new people in a new country – this is the perfect place to reflect on the disparity between who you are and who you want to be. Discover your strengths and come back a new and improved version of you!

The world is yours for the taking – get out and explore it!

Roommates exploring ancient Athens