Great company over dinner in Greece

Sydney Young, a sophomore at the University of Alabama, shares her favorite spots to grab a meal while in Greece. Don’t miss out on these amazing restaurants!

1. Balux Café House Project

Balux Café has anything you could be craving from Sushi to Italian or even authentic Greek food. A few friends and I came across this restaurant on the first day when we were walking to the private beach and it became a major hot spot for everyone on the trip during our time in Athens! It is located right on the private beach in Glyfada. Whether you are looking for a nice casual lunch on the beach or a beautiful sunset, Balux Café House Project is the place to go!

2. Living

Everyone was raving about Living but once I tried it, I knew why! If you are looking for something sweet, they have an amazing Nutella pizza but if you are looking for something savory, they have the best risotto in town. Living also has a very unique drink menu and has a lot to choose from. Living is a must try!

3. Gazi College

Gazi College also became a hot spot for all of us on the trip that some of us got to know the staff very well. Gazi College has a large variety and is a good price point. The setting of Gazi College is also very cool and creates a nice relaxed vibe. Gazi College is also a café with amazing smoothies so if you have work to do, this is a great place to do it!

4. Amigos

As amazing as the Greek salads are, you may need a little change after awhile, so Amigos may be the spot for you. Amigos is a great Mexican Restaurant with live music and salsa dancing on Thursday nights! I was a little skeptical of going to a Mexican restaurant in Greece but I can definitely say it was the best Chimichanga I have ever had!

5. 360 Cocktail Bar

360 Cocktail Bar is located on a rooftop right in the city of Athens. Try to go here around 8 o’clock because the combination of the sunset and Parthenon could not be any more beautiful! The pasta dish I had here was one of my favorite meals from my time in Athens.

Amazing food in Greece