Our next blog comes from Davis Barron, a student at the University of Mississippi. Sometimes the best lessons come from the most unexpected activities while abroad.

Throughout the last week, the GoGlobal team and I have been doing numerous activities through the Salvation Army here in Greece. It was truly inspiring to be able to see how much we have accomplished for them in 4 short days. Maria (Salvation Army leader) said a quote that stuck out to me “behind every item there is a story.” At first I didn’t know how to interpret it but after seeing how just the smallest of items can make a difference, I have started to realize what this quote means. To me it means that certain objects may be looked at as unimportant to one, but to another it may be a simple gesture that could brighten their world. It felt great to see the happiness on the Salvation Army teams faces when we complete our goals. I cannot wait experience another way to help and give back to a less fortunate community.

Greece service at the Salvation Army