McCarley Buchanan from Auburn University captured a beautiful moment during the Santorini sunrise!

One of the most memorable things I’ve done in Santorini was wake up and watch the sunrise. It was honestly even more beautiful than the infamous sunset in Oia. Anyone can watch the sunset; however, it takes intention to wake up at 5:30 and watch the sunrise before the rest of the island is even awake. We could tell exactly where the sun would be when it rose because it was more orange and yellow in one spot. The sun began to rise promptly at 6:00 am. It started slowly, as a neon pink ball that looked like it was coming out of the water. It was breathtaking. When it rose higher, it left yellow reflections on the waves that looked like stepping stones to the sun. It was almost as if it was a little pathway to the sun. No pictures could ever capture the beauty of a Santorini sunrise. It truly stimulates your senses: the colors were so bright and almost blinding; we could smell the salt of the Aegean sea; we heard a rooster crow, signaling to the island to wake up; we could feel the warmth of the sun starting to warm the island. I will never forget this moment and the friends I shared it with.