Confidence before the bungee jump

No matter where you travel with GoGlobal, our programs will push you outside of your comfort zone and challenge you to achieve your full potential.  Mary Claire Shulstad, a junior at the University of Alabama, shares her powerful experience after taking the leap into the Corinth Canal!

Although I am not the first GoGlobal student to talk about their bungee jumping experience, I want to talk about it in a little different way. As we all stepped up to get strapped in to make the leap of a lifetime, our wonderful intern told us to “leave it all on the bridge.” She explained to us that we should all close our eyes, think of everything that is a burden, or that is weighing heavy on hearts, and to leave all of it on the bridge when we jumped. When it came to be my turn, I stepped to the edge of the platform and looked out. In front of me there was one of the most breathtaking views I have ever had the privilege of seeing. But before I jumped, I looked down and saw my Crimson Tide jersey and my gold bar necklace with the coordinates of Charlotte, NC. In my head I just smiled because I knew that I was about to make the biggest leap of my life, yet at the same time I was taking the biggest parts of my heart with me.

Then I jumped.

As I wrote in my personal blog, I will never be able to accurately explain how incredible that jump was. I think my jump, and doing it in my necklace and jersey, is a perfect example of what I have learned on this trip and how I’ve grown. This trip has given me wings. It has shown me that I have more potential than I ever knew and that I am a powerful, important person whose ideas and passions will benefit the world. It has shown me that this world has so much to offer, and that I need to spread my wings and see as much of it as I can. It has also increased my gratitude for my roots so much more than I ever thought possible. Thank you to my parents, my family and my friends, for giving me homes full of love both in Charlotte and in Tuscaloosa; and thank you to GoGlobal for giving me a new home and family I never knew I needed.

Take a leap!