Exploring Greece

Next up on our featured blog is Anna Lynch from the University of Houston. Before going on any LeadAbroad program, finances can be a big question for students. Check out how Anna made her dream come true with a little hard work and help from her family!


Finances – The Elephant in the Room


Once I had made my decision to apply for LEAD Greece, I realized I would need to ask my dad about the application fee. I’m not a fan of asking anyone (even family) for money. So, I made it my goal to pay for this as much as possible by myself. I already had one job working at my campus recreation facility, but I also got another job as a waitress at a pub. I ended up paying for half of this all on my own and I raised most of my spending money as well. Yes, it was difficult with school at times but nothing was going to stop me from coming to Greece. Now, only a week has past and I can barely imagine how it can get any better and I’ve already made friendships I know will last a lifetime!

So here’s to those who helped me get here and the next three weeks in Greece!

Anna in Greece