Our first LEAD Cape Town featured blog comes from Statyn Coppage, a student at the University of Mississippi! Keep reading for an inside look on some of the powerful moments she has experienced during week 1!

Seeking the Experience

After an extensive journey of traveling out of the country for the first time, I have finally arrived in Cape Town. I wasn’t sure what to expect or look forward to, being in a completely different place with all new people and cultures. It is currently day three and I have gotten to know some amazing people-inside and outside of the Cape Town culture, and I finally know what I am looking forward to getting out of this experience the most.

Following today’s experience, I have decided I can’t wait for service week. This afternoon we took a trip through a township and got out at one of the schools included in the Amy Biehl Foundation. It was a very humbling experience to see the people of the township interact and to see their community. When I saw their way of life, I felt that they truly knew the meaning of a community and gratefulness. The kids at the school put on a concert for us and I don’t see how a single person could be in a room with them and not have a smile on their face.

If today was this great, I can’t imagine how awesome service week is going to be. I wasn’t even able to interact and connect with the kids as much as I wanted to today, but just watching them and getting to briefly dance with them genuinely impacted my life, so I am so excited to be able to spend a week with them and get to personally connect and get to know some of them.

Amy Biehl Tour