Roommates exploring ancient Athens

Ashton Lane, a junior at Louisiana State University, would probably agree that you should go into your study abroad experience with few expectations because things may turn out differently!

1. Your random roommate will be weird

Well, I guess this is half true 😉 Just kidding… My best friend, Kaitlyn, and I were put with a random third roommate. Of course, the very first thing we did was Facebook stalk (to ensure she would be somewhat normal) and then it was time to be thrown in a room with her for 2 weeks! From the time that I figured out she would indulge in carb-filled meals with me, I knew we would make fast friends. She actually came on the trip with her twin sister and cousin but still chose to get random roommates. I thought this was a very bold decision of hers but I could not be more thankful for it! Not only do I now have a shopping buddy anytime I travel to Dallas, but I also happened to gain a lifetime friend!

2. The school material will be boring and mundane

If you’re like me, before the trip, you chose to overlook the “study” part in study abroad. Reality set in with my first reading assignment. After putting off the task for quite some time, I finally gave in. Not only was the reading so educational, but also very interesting and just what I needed to hear before embarking on my journey. So far, every minute that has been spent in and out of class has helped me discover tremendous things about myself. Whether it has been jumping off of a 260-foot platform (which is in fact part of the curriculum), using your talents to serve others, or getting excited about what my future has to hold for me, I am forever grateful to the lessons learned by my teachers and peers around me.

3. You will be home sick and almost ready to go home
I am in complete shock that it is already half way through the program and I could not possibly thank my parents enough for blessing me with such an awesome opportunity. Although I truly miss my family and friends back home, I can’t imagine leaving this beautiful place in which I have made so many memories. It is definitely going to be the hardest thing I have ever had to do (and will result in many tears) but for now I am going to soak in these last couple of weeks and take advantage of this trip of a lifetime.

Ashton bungee jumps over the canal